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eSolutions, together with its highly skilled team of consultants and its network of partners covering the Middle East region, seeks to address diverse enterprise business requirements and implement end-to-end solutions by promoting, implementing and supporting multi-solutions through different divisions. For the last 22 years we have counted on the human factor in order to build a strong and well-deserved reputation with resources consolidated for the optimum benefit of our customers and have a proven track record of serving large enterprises in the Middle East.

Enterprise Asset Management
Operating across the Middle East since 1996, eSolutions is the region’s leading provider of cost-effective solutions for strategic asset and service management. We’re the only platinum IBM partner (the highest level of accreditation available) in the Middle East and North Africa, offering industry solutions and technologies to transform your enterprise – including the world’s leading EAM solution.
We have an in-depth understanding of the issues that asset-intensive industries face. We provide cost-effective, professional implementation of advanced technological solutions, offer advice on enterprise handling and connect all participants in the industrial value chain. Our clients span across industries that include Facility Management, Infrastructure, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Government, Telecom, Manufacturing, Investment, IT and Pharmaceuticals.
Our data integration and advanced analytics solutions provide predictive insights to eliminate unscheduled downtime in operations by anticipating maintenance and quality needs. This allows our clients to spend less time solving machinery problems and more time improving labour utilization and productivity. It also leads to enhanced asset performance, increased efficiency and smart business decisions, driving operational excellence.
Information Risk Management

Most of your IT infrastructure can now be outsourced to the cloud, but your information is the one asset you should own and exploit. But how do you take maximum advantage of the multi-cloud world without creating a new set of data silos, and incurring hidden storage costs, stalled developers and greater compliance risk? You need to take a 360° approach: all-round Protection, Availability and Insight for your data, no matter where it travels.

Our specialized team of consultants can provide consulting, licensing, implementation, and post-sales support services for VERITAS portfolio of data management products. We can serve organizations of varying sizes - from small and medium, to enterprises. We pride ourselves in our ability to deploy best practices in data management and to help our customers achieve their data vision. Your data will be in the safe hands of experts in their fields leaving you with the peace of mind of knowing that your data will be available where you need it when you need it.

eSolutions offers different enterprise solutions through its multi-divisions: