About eSolutions

With more than 5000 professionals, over 50 of the world’s leading IT suppliers, and a solid 50-year track record of performance and reliability, the Midis Group is an international organization comprised of over 150 companies across the emerging markets of Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

The group is known for its advanced offering of ICT services and consultancy, system integration capabilities, software and hardware solutions, and distribution coverage, along with Data Center capabilities, IT infrastructure and power solutions.

The Midis Group was named in 2006 as one of the World Economic Forum's initial 100 Global Growth Companies focusing on providing the best in services, with integrity, to vendors, partners, and customers across the destinations it serves.


Midis Group :  www.midisgroup.com

  • 4,500+ professionals
  • 150+ companies
  • 30 countries worldwide
  • Over 51 years of presence in the world's most challenging markets and demanding industries
eSolutions offers different enterprise solutions through its multi-divisions: