Information Risk Management

We provide Information Risk Management Solutions Including Infrastructure protection, Cyber Security Management, Information Security Intelligence and Big Data.

Cyber Intelligence based risk management , is one of the most valuable Information Risk Management Solutions... making decisions on where to invest your IT security budget is always difficult. eSolutions Netcure have partnered with i-Sight partners to provide the very best security intelligence and Information Risk Management solution on the market. Having knowledge of these emerging threat against your industry sector will ensure that you spend your investment in the correct areas and more importantly do not waste investment on technologies that are not required. I-Sight track cyber captivity globally and correlate the activity of groups around the world, establishing the intent of their group and the methods and tools they are using. This is invaluable when defending your organization from threats and attacks.

Additionally, we do provide Risk and Compliance (GRC) consultancy and Solutions to Medium and Large enterprises.
eSolutions offers different enterprise solutions through its multi-divisions: