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Netcure’s Product and Service offerings fall into 3 easy-to-understand categories:
We combine these in a services-led approach that makes Netcure the preferred strategic security partner to many enterprise-class organisations

Our Solutions:
Security Intelligence based Information Risk Management

Cyber Intelligence based risk management - making decisions on where to invest your IT security budgets is always difficult. Netcure have partnered with i-Sight partners to provide the very best security intelligence on the market. Having knowledge of these emerging threat against your industry sector will ensure that you spend your investment in the correct areas and more importantly do not waste investment on technologies that are not required. I-Sight track cyber captivity globally and correlate the activity of groups around the world, establishing the intent of there group and the methods and tools they are using. This is invaluable when defending your organisation from threats and attacks

Data Loss Prevention - DLP

Data Loss Prevention  - When an employee leaves your organisation it is very difficult to understand what data he has taken with him. If the employee is taking sales data for your customers the impact may not arise until 12 months later when the customers renew with you competitors. Data Loss Prevention is the ideal solution to track the movement of critical data inside and outside your infrastructure. Netcure provide a complete Solution from assessing and classifying your data to implementing and building policies for you data protection. Symantec utilise the very best DLP solutions from Symantec who are rated in the “leaders” magic quadrant.

Cyber Security Operations Centres - CSOC

Cyber Security Operations Centres - Security Operations are a critical component to a success of well executed security strategy. Netcure’s CSOC solutions starts at the required “outcome” … “Visibility of Internal and External threats and the reduction the Business and IT Risk” . The Netcure solution provides cloud based solutions for log strorage , analysis and alerting OR on-site solutions utilising there next SIEM solutions on there market. With integration the key Netcure will combine SIEM with vulnerability management, Security intelligence, Server Hardening and patch management.

SCADA Network Security

Process Control Security with Deep Secure - The critical business function of many organisations is the uninterrupted operations of their manufacturing facilities. Netcure provide solutions to ensure that manufacturing Networks cans can be protected to the highest level using their “Deep Secure” solution. Deep Secure is used in critical Infrastructure projects where security needs to be at the highest level but renin flexible for growing and changing needs. Deep Secure also provides solutions for higher levels of security in government and military functions.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Protection with NBU and Backup Exec- With data complexity and volume growing out of control it is essential that organisations have a strategy to protect their Data. Netcure provide complete turn key solution to allow easy data backup and recovery in a single appliance solution. Optimised De-duplication reduces data volumes across the backup environment and the appliances come with enough on-board storage to cater for any company needs. One license and fast efficient implementation means a pain free solution to a “sprawling” data protection issue.

Application Clustering and Business Continuity

are specifically designed for today's heterogeneous IT environments. They're platform-independent, provide support for all major applications and databases, and can help you significantly reduce downtime during an outage. When bad things happen, Symantec keeps your business running.

Cloud Data Ingestion

Cloud Data Migration- Are you moving your business to Office 365 then you will need to ensure your archived mail is moved at the same time. 50% of the corporate e:mail resides within a mail archive.  Netcure have several solution that make ALL data migration scenarios easier, quicker and more costs effective

Apart from the above solutions, we provide:
In addition to Technical Support which provides the optimal support agreement to support a customers business,

Netcure support contracts are based on "Service Credits" . Service credits can not only be used for support of problems but can also be used for the following :

1.    Ongoing Technical Training
2.    Product Enhancements
3.    Upgrades and Patches
4.    Health Checks

In addition Netcure's support contracts can support multiple technologies. For example if you have 4 Symantec products, a single support contract can be used to support all technologies, reducing costs and complexity.